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Monday, March 27, 2006

Economic migration and citizenship

Thanks to circumstances beyond my control I am a citizen of two countries. I have two passports and the right to work in 26 countries. My Wife has the right to three passports. My 3month-old Niece has the right to 4 passports and presumably the right to work on three continents.

Citizenship is a meaningless concept in a world where studying abroad is a middle-class rite of passage and foreign vacations a part of the middle-class lifestyle, not just in the U.S., but Europe, Japan, Canada, even Mexico (the girlfriends).

Citizenship should have no bearing on one's right to work. Your employers should not be given a holiday from labor protection laws just because of where you happen to have been born.

Everybody of European descent in the United States- bar none- is the product of economic migration. To deny that right, that necessity, to others is simply contemptuous and loathesome.


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