Economics on the small scale

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

From Jeanne D'arc:

While we were talking, Fox News was running on a tv bolted to the wall. It was too noisy to hear anything, but we saw pictures of crowds waving Mexican and American flags. A man sitting across from us grumbled at the television -- something about people breaking the law and now demanding rights.

My neighbor, who I have heard make innumberable negative comments about unions, illegal immigrants, and liberals, looked up at the tv. Oh damn. I was about to ask how his granddaughter was doing, quick, before the subject could turn to politics, when he said, quietly, almost the way my mother spoke the uncomfortable truth about people who didn't like Roosevelt, "I can't blame them. They just want to work."

I swiped the finish of a very fine essay; read the whole thing.


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