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Friday, April 14, 2006

Observations on America

Observations From a female financial banker from North Africa, courtesy of Lounsbury:
1. Americans are loud, and tend to speak yet louder when your English is imperfect.
2. Americans are fat, eat at strange hours and serve individual portions large enough to feed whole families.
3. The idea that everything has to be big for the sheer sake of being big has taken over.
4. There are an amazing number of Spanish. (Latinos)
5. American insularity is almost like racism. Americans only listen to and watch American things. We [Maghrebines] grow up with French, Spanish, English, Arabic, Berber. Americans grow up with hamburgers.
6. The current crisis over immigration is strange as all Americans are immigrants.
7. The energy in the country is amazing, incredible.
8. The cars in the country are far too big. And they look fat.
9. American [cable] TV selection is strange; there are many channels but they show the same thing. With Euro and Arab Sats, we have too much variety, in America it is amazing how little variety there is. I always imagined in America there would be more variety [on TV, radio].
10. US Advertising is ridiculous. Too much, everywhere.
11. American children are too fat, and this is very dangerous.
12. The public libraries are excellent and amazing. If we had this in the Maghreb, poor children would be able to do so much more.
13. Public schools look like fortresses. [Ahem, the area in question was NYC]
14. It is criminal that The Lounsbury’s cousin [by marriage I do protest] Carol is allowed to teach children.

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